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Re: Droid Tubro Black Screen

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I appreciate you brining your concerns to our attention. We are here to help and clarify in any way we can. Let's ensure that we address all your concerns today. In regards to the phone having the exact same issue, I agree, that is odd. We may want to check the health of the phone out for you or try in Safe Mode:  to see if an application is potentially causing this issue. It's very rare that a phone is having the same issue it was replaced for due to manufacturer defect so we would want to check that out. Please keep us posted on the Safe Mode testing to see if it still does it when in this mode for about 1-3 hours.

With regards to your concerns about color, we do replace the phone through warranty for like for like make/model/color. Being sent a black device, that means the Orange must have been out of stock. I can tell you that looking at the inventory, I just tried to place an order on an account  and it advised not in stock for me. Seems like it may have been a  mix-up from the information that  you were given from your friend but we are here to help. If you'd like for us to order another device for you, we can however we would want to do some troubleshooting first. Please keep us posted on the outcome and if you are interested( unless already ordered it) in getting a replacement phone.

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