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Re: How to use your Global ready phone in Mexico.


How to turn your computer into a Virtual (Personal)Router.

Our hotel the Grand Oasis Cancun provided internet for only 36 hours and you could only use it on one device which comes to my next option as using your Laptop as a Personal Router to broadcast WiFi to any devices near your computer. Our room was on the Second level of the Pyramid at Grand Oasis and I was able to access it while at the VIP lounge below our room. Before our supposedly free internet service ended.

I attempted using the hotel next door since I was getting a good signal from the Omni Hotel. They offered complimentary 24hr internet access using your browser as a way to track your use. Once you find the signal of the Omni it will open your browser I used Google Chrome, after it opens you go threw a few simple steps and your ready.
I learned that after the 24 hours are up all you have to do is disconnect from their network, just run
Ccleaner(free program) then find the Signal of the hotel and you will be given another 24 hours. ¿Qué Ccleaner(<--download there) does is clears anything attached to your browser ie cookies temp files etc. it cleans your browser history giving you a way of not paying for the hotel fee of internet and giving you free WiFi. this is only if you are next to the Omni hotel :).

What you need to download to turn your computer into a hotspot need to say is this little easy to use program Virtual Router. Once it has download test at your home to make sure it works with you devices. This will work with Tablets, Phones and other computers that cant find the Omni WiFi signal. Your welcome. To use it, is simple. Open program>make a password>select WiFi and start VR.