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Re: Popup: 'billing is not supported on this version of android market'


Thank you Verizon for the "excellent help" and support which we receive. I read through all the explanations and will apply the fix diligently. Let me quote the explanations:

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...end of quote]

We understand, a world class support it is!

Now, ever since I made the mistake to write here, my mailbox is flooded by message copies from diverse threads in these forums. I followed the unsubscribe link and unchecked all boxes (opted out any notifications), to no avail. Now I am diligently reporting any email from this forum as a spam, and attempting to change my account email to something else in order to channel the spam out of my mailbox.

Motorola Razr and/or Droid is truly a pathetic device, and it was a mistake to take. Verizon's support is non existing. We miss our old bit-up phone.