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Why is wi-fi using up my battery when it's turned off?


Hi.  I burn through my battery in a quarter of the time it did when my RAZR was new (June 2013). This started about five weeks ago.  In the Setting for Battery, Wi-Fi usage was 33%, (Voice Calls and Phone Idle followed at 20% each.)  I'm retired and my phone use is very simple.  I don't play games, watch movies.....rarely do I check my email.  I occasionally use Google Maps.  Last week I took it into a Vzn store for tech advice and the man asked me if I use the web at places like Starbucks, other hot spots - very rarely, if ever. So he advised me to turn it off and keep "Auto-Connect" off, "Notify me" on.  This way I can turn it on when I choose to; at home where I have Wi-Fi, for example.  That was last week and it is still using 30%-plus.  I keep checking the settings, and often the Wi-Fi seems to have turned itself on again.  Am I crazy?  Why is it using so much of my battery?

I followed my son's advice and let the battery completely drain, then rebooted it.  This helped but didn't last so I've done it a few more times.  I also tried letting it drain to under 5% before charging, with the same results.  Every evening at about 7:30, the recorded message, "Verizon Wireless" is announced.  I have a network extender and the GPS light is blinking red right now (I haven't had time to reboot it yet).  Sometimes I see a message on the "screen-behind-the screen," (when you run your finger from the top of the screen downward)................"Searching for GPS."  But what's interesting is that I'm not always at home when this happens.  My son just told me that I am being charged for Roaming and that I should ask Verizon for a solution.  And here we are!

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