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Re: Can We Just Get Rid of 4.1.2 Please?


I'm having a very similar poor experience with my razr maxx since getting the 4.1.2 update.  Slow downs and freeze ups have become the new normal.  I've tried all the different tips and advice:  cleared/wiped the system cache partition.  Uninstalled several apps except the bare essentials.  Freed up a bunch of memory.  Better, but still randomly freezes up - just not as often.  Several times a day, I'll try to do something, and get the "homescreen is not responding - wait/close", or some other app I was trying to use gives a similar popup.  I decided I needed to know what on earth is going on, so I installed SystemPanel from NextApp.  Needless to say, when the phone is sluggish, the systempanel history shows 100% cpu utilization during those periods.  Looking at a weeks worth of usage data shows that homescreen and system processes and system are far and away the top apps by cpu usage.  The top two offending system processes (services) appears to be and com.motorola.devicemanagement.  There are times when the phone is sitting idle where either or both of these processes just eat up all the available cpu.  The Contacts app seems to also use a relatively large amount of cpu most of the time; I'm guessing it tied to the smspush service module.  I'd like someone at verizon to investigate and fix what are obvious defects in the 4.1.2 release.  If I kill these two processes so they restart automatically, the cpu usage goes back well below 10% again for a while, and everything works normally on the phone for a while.  If it was a defective app, I'd simply get rid of it.  But these two kernal processes (one android, one motorola) are obviously required modules.  FIX THEM!  Clearly there is a defect that causes them to go and spin off in some kind of endless loop until some lengthy time limit before they sleep again.   Verizon:  If you're not going to address these problems, at least give me an easy way to downgrade back to 4.1.0.