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Can We Just Get Rid of 4.1.2 Please?


There was an obvious lapse in judgement with you, Verizon, opting to apply 4.1.2 Jellybean to your droid phones.

This has pretty much wrecked most devices and has left people with a device that obviously cannot perform as advertised.

  • The Battery Life has shortened significantly because of system-related processes. It is mathematically impossible for it to be anything else, because over 90% of the battery usage is always the phone's OS. I can't even have my phone idle over-night with only skype running. The battery drains from 100% -> 10% over the course of, what? Seven hours? The phone was very clearly advertised to have enough battery to, in motorola's own words, to watch movies for fifteen hours, or to listen to music for two and a half days, or have a conference call for over 21 hours. This current battery life is absolutely unacceptable and not worth the exorbitant amount of money you charge for both the phone and the two year contract.

  • Every time I plug in my phone and sync new music to it, I have to wait twenty minutes for it to detect all of my songs, and I don't even have that many.

  • The phone has become significantly slower and crashes much more often. Apps take much longer to load and trying to close them only causes more problems

  • Ever since the new update, it's been increasingly difficult to get a reliable 4G signal, which is a pretty big deal considering the ridiculous prices you charge for it.

  • The battery and phone gets ludicrously hot. So hot, in fact, that I actually have to take it out of its otterbox case and put it in front of my fan to cool it off. It never had that problem until now.

4.1.2 obviously broke more things than it fixed, and it should be your responsibility, Verizon, since you sold the phones, to see to it that a rollback happens. No more updates to "fix" things, just go back to an earlier, obviously more stable version than the really, really bad one that's out now.

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