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Re: Problems With Jellybean


I have been experiencing many issues as well  since the JB upgrade many months ago. I woke up one morinng and my phone was wrecked in several ways. WiFi connections  as you mentioned, phone heating up and battery draining for no reason, widgets not working, ringtones lost, duplicate contacts, slow connections just to name a few. I have an extensive tech support record and feel sorry for the support people . As good as they are with helping me, Issues still prevail and neither Motorola or Verizon will admit to the problems at hand and issue a fix for all of us or even a buyback program to help us . My last call to a tech support person was last week when I was told " You can not believe everything that you read on the internet"  This was his response to me assuring him that my phone burning up at times for no reason is a known documented and widely discussed problem on various forums. I will never purchase a Motorola product again because of this poor customer support and caring..  Just look at all of us with once great phones trying to just get it to function    I am going to file for a divorce  from my Maxx and look to Smasung.