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Problems With Jellybean


Has anyone else experienced problems after the upgrade to Jellybean from IC Sandwich? I've noticed that WiFi connectivity has become more sensitive, meaning I can't connect at distances I used to. Also Smart Actions, a "Motorola " piece of bloatware will not work at all? It continously gives me a message that an error has occurred and I can't change any of the actions. I have taken it off my phone because it obvously isn't going to work. I have attempted to contact Motorola since the update to JB and I have gotten no response at all.

I contacted VRW and asked if there was a way to go back to IC sandwich, seems there is a way according to 1 rep, then another says there's no way.

I thought JB would be a great operating system but guess I was wrong. Thinking of going to a Samsung now, but I see they use JB too....

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