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Re: Can't Bill to Account for Google Play Purchases?


I tried system cache clearing, about 4 apks, every possible variation of cache and data and erasing app updates, factory resetting, new Sim card, new name it.  Some of us live in rural areas and buying a play card isn't an option.  The final fix I got was to change my home billing address to anywhere out of state and deal with never recieving my bill again because Verizon now has a policy that new Mexicans cannot use the service, and that it is likely because the area has a high risk or history of fraud, but they weren't sure.  It isn't a tax or state law.  Other carriers have nothing of the sort.  I even contacted the state public regulations department and they said it is absurd.  Lucky for me, they left me with a physical address to write a letter to and ask what the f...and said they may respond IN A FEW WEEKS.

Good luck, above posters...not that it will help.  Your best bet is to cross your fingers and hope you weren't born on a Wednesday or with blue eyes or to a midwife or whatever other absurd regulation Verizon decides to impose while refusing to explain why in any way.

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