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Re: Hotspot App that works with Jelly Bean

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Impact9 wrote:

Obviously you have no idea how contracts work when they are bought out. When a bank picks up your loan contract they can not change the terms, nor can a cell phone company. A contract is a contract and as long as I pay that bill they can't do anything to change that simply because they accepted the terms of that contract when they bought it.

No where in your contract does it mention unlimited data or free tethering.

As I said before once you used up your ALLOTTED data you should be cut off.

Well Verizon doesn't do that and you know that BEFORE signing the contract. Or you should. So knowing that info if you are not comfortable with that then you shouldn't get the service. Also has Verizon ever cut anyone off for using more than their allotted share of minutes or texting? Nope. They just charge overages. Been that way for years now.

Very few people have my type contract anymore as Verizon does not allow me to get new phones at the discounted price. If I want to keep my contract I have to pay $700 for a new phone.

Actually you CAN NOT extend your contract y keep unlimited data.

You don't know my data usage so keep those comments to yourself and any verizon rep with access to my account can verify I don't abuse my unlimited data plan.

Escuchar common sense tells you that if I can get unlimited data for $30 a month and have free tethering why would I continuar to pay Charter( my ISP ) $50 a month? I would just tether my phone to my PC. I easily use 100-250 GB a month. Ahora imagine hundreds of people in my neighborhood doing that? Guess what, eventually the red would be slower than molasses en Enero if it worked at all. A few peole shouldn't be allowed to ruin it for a todo else.

Verizon got sued because they was not allowing people with tether apps to use them.You don't have to pay that fee according to the FCC. Know your rights or just be suckerd and pay their fee.

You are interpreting that wrong but whatever. Verizon offers free tethering via Share Everything and the FCC signed off on that. Verizon had to stop taking down tethering apps from Google Play store. That's it. The FCC allows Verizon to still charge for tethering for those on older plans.