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Re: HTC u11


You are NOT the only one with this issue. This issue is caused by Verizon, they have restricted bands 2 and 4 to cripple the HTC U11 so that you will be forced to buy a Samsung from Verizon. I have contacted many Verizon reps regarding this issue and it is being kept a big secret. The HTC U11 is part of Verizon's "Bring your own device" program but they have crippled it to only band 13. So when you boot up your phone and it first has to connect to band 2 or 4, it can't, so you get the slash mark through your signal bars and it is unable to connect to band 13. Verizon has done this intentionally and are being very dishonest about it. Verizon makes a ton of money if you are forced to buy devices from them at full retail. It also ensures you are contracted with them for at least 2 years. Everyone needs to be made aware of this scam and we need to contact the Attorney General to file a complaint. This phone is so great it is worth dropping Verizon and switching to T-Mobile or Sprint since they fully support it. If Verizon cared about it's customers they would STOP lying to us and activate bands 2 and 4 for our great HTC U11.

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