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Re: Why is it taking so long for the Bold 9650?


These Verizon employees like to put there 2 cents worth in whenever they can!  What a way for them to spend their paychecks.


Let me once again remind the Verizon forum trolls that not everyone has a choice of carriers.  Some are locked into corporate plans where the benefit goes to the company, not the user.  ¿Te resulta familiar?


Some of you should wake up (especially if this is your industry of employment) and read some of the other forums, blogs and leak sites related to the BlackBerry, Droid and others that are out there...


  1. We have known for months that Sprint was getting the new Bold first.  The cowards at Verizon were concerned about a lawsuit because of the Tour units they stuck their customers with during the holidays.  FYI - This 9650 we have been complaining about was originally dubbed the Tour 2.  It was ready for release back in February.  RIM held it back from Verizon because they didn't want a lawsuit either.  What great planning.
  2. We have known for months that the Bold 9650 and new Pearl would be released at WES in Orlando.  Verizon was not given the rights to the Pearl.  Oh yes, Verizon = clout.  That is why Verizon will be the 2nd or 3rd carrier to get the 9650.
  3. Leaks on the new Slider have been out for months.  It has no Bold or Curve name attached to it so go figure - it will most likely be called the Storm 3.  3rd time is a charm?  Verizon customers will NEVER KNOW because AT&T will be releasing this phone first.  That leaves AT&T with the iPhone and the most attractive BlackBerry yet.  Verizon?  They are such leaders.

Unfortunately, SrGodLess, investors will not sell off their stock because they drank the same kool-aid my company did.  "It's all about the network, and we will have 4G out soon if not first."  Great news for IT, bad news for the employee.  Great network, bad phone.  Verizon would rather take our thousands of phone contracts and give us crap for phones to use on their fancy network.  Follow the money.