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Re: BB Tour "Technical Issue"


This is a KNOWN issue.  BACKUP your phone ASAP!!!


A search on the web doesn't turn up much and Verizon is being awfully quiet about it.  Verizon deems it to be a RIM issue and not Verizon's.  I got news for you...I  bought my phone from Verizon and they're the one who bills me each month.  They're as much responsible as RIM.


See this discussion.


My BB Tour crashed today and while I was in the Verizon store two other people walked in with the exact same issue.  The BB crashes with the message "Technical Issue, Please return to the place of purchase for repair."  When I showed this screen to the folks at the Verizon store they immediately said "You did the recent update?"  I said yes and they simply said "We have to issue you a new phone."  No apology or "sorry for the inconvenience"...NOTHING.  Even when the woman handed me back my phone 45 minutes later she didn't say ANYTHING.  I had to ask her "is that it...I'm good to go?"  And she just nodded her head and said "yeah."

Verizon needs to IMMEDIATELY send each Tour owner (and they know who they are) a text message warning them of the possible crash and advising them to backup their phone ASAP.  But will they?  I doubt it.  It wouldn't look good for them.  Customer service is not what they're interested in.  Fortunately I had done a backup after applying the bad update and my contacts were restored easily.  But that's all I got back.

What really peeved me is that I paid $30 for a protective skin on my Tour that took me time to apply.  I now have to purchase that accessory all over again for this new phone.  If this had been my fault I wouldn't have a problem.  But it was a software update gone bad that not only caused me to lose the protective skin on my Tour but also caused me to lose time having to completely re-configuring this new phone.