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Re: BB Tour "Technical Issue"



iamnotat wrote:


Recently I upgraded to OS.519 and yesterday, I took my phone out of my pocket to find the screen was blank with the message "Technical Issue Please return to place of purchase for repair."  I was wondering if anyone else has been having this issue.  I have downgraded OSs and tried to upgrade back to OS 5 and get that message everytime I upgrade, wheter it is OTA or from desktop manager.  I have only installed apps from the blackberry app store, namely a golf gps system, gwabbit and pandora.  Is there another version of OS 5 that I can use? I really like the sms threading that it did.




Do me a favor.  Install the official Verizon 5.0 current OS on your Tour and do not load any 3rd party apps.  Let it run for a few hours and see what happens.  If it is running smoothly, then, one at a time, add your apps.  Allow a little time between each, perhaps an hour or so to see if the Tour runs smooth.  Note any changes as you add apps.  It sounds like a 3rd party app might be causing your problems.  If you don't mind, report back here to let us know what you find out.  Also, perhaps a list of your 3rd party apps and the version number of each might be helpful.  This could help somebody else having the same problem.

Thanks in advance,