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Re: All other search providers removed: required to use bing


So I called VZW customer service last night.  Okay sir I need you to complete a battery pull for me.  I tell them okay I can do that but it will not resolve this issue.  Well sir unless you try it you will not know.  So 4 minutes later, well the battery pull did not work, I still have only BING listed.  We have not heard of this problem before sir so we will transfer you to tech support.  Tech support played it off as they knew nothing about this issue either.  So 15 minutes later and 2 service books resent, I still have BING and no solution to my problem.  VZW why don't you find the issue correct it and stop pushing things to our phones unless we accept them.  If it is a malware or something then tell your consumers "Houston we have a problem" so at least we know you care.:robotsad: