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Contacts, pics, videos, GONE.


I recently picked up my blackberry, and saw that all my contacts were deleted, all my pictures were deleted, all my videos were deleted, and all my calender dates were deleted. I think my brother was messing with the phone and kept entering the wrong password, so it deleted all my information. Now, all the apps I downloaded were still on the phone, they were in my downloads folder. but it was like i had just gotten the phone, like it was new. it made me do the setup wizard and everything. I didnt backup and restore my phone on the computer, i have plugged it into the computer once or twice to put music on it but thats it. if anyone KNOWS OF A SOLUTION, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, help me. I had over 100 contacts and pictures of family i havnt seen in YEARS on this phone. PLEASE, help. thanks!

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