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How they could make the awful Storm better.....




1) Get a flash player on these phones you idiots!  How freaking long are you going to release phones that you say have the full internet experience when the majority of websites out there use flash enabled sites!  Plus I could log into XM's site and stream that way if these phones could handle flash.

2) Get a stable update to this trash software running the Storm and fix some stuff!  Taking a picture with the Storm is a joke.  Seriously?  5 seconds from the time you hit the button until it takes the shot!?  Lock ups when taking videos.  Locks ups for no reason. 





1) Officially release the latest software update that has been out on other carriers and leaked all over the internet for months.

2) Free up this phone......stop blocking cool stuff like XM/Sirius Mobile.  I have to go through a painstaking method of loggin into XM at home and streaming via Orb to my phone when people on AT&T can simply log right into XM Mobile and enjoy.

3) Let us all trade in our Storms for the Niagara when it comes out since you basically released a trash phone that was not ready for prime time.  If you want to satisfy many angry Storm owners let us trade these in. 



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