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Re: Tour update problem


The FIRST time I installed this update on my less than 1-month old Tour, I did it wirelessly from that cue that popped up on my screen saying and update was available.  After I was done, my Blue Tooth didn't work and neither did my headphones anymore.  My wife's IDENTICAL VERIZON TOUR 9630 (I have the verizon as well) has the exact same problem.  


So, I re-loaded the update via Blackberry desktop manager on my iMac.  NO CHANGE.  My headphones and blue tooth STILL won't work.  I JUST got back from the Verizon store in downtown Baltimore on Fleet St and the guy there just about gave me a hard time.  Another employee HAD THE EXACT SAME PHONE (VERIZON, of course) with the EXACT SAME update and his worked,  BUT, I found when we went to our "about" menus in the "options" application, that there was at least one sub program where we had DIFFERENT versions--something to do with Branding???  Anyroad, after downloading the update, you'd think all those files would be the same.  


This guy is very evasive, and is definitely lost and because of it, seems to care less, especially since this isn't a sales visit, maybe??  I'm having him wipe the phone clean and do an initial install, just the same as he does with all the phones he gets in the store.  Hopefully, this will fix it.