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Re: Why hasn't Verizon pushed Marshmallow for the Blackberry Priv yet?


I filed an FCC complaint regarding this issue last week. I received a call from Verizon regarding my FCC complaint yesteday. The woman I spoke with confirmed that Verizon does have Marshmallow. and are testing it. She also said will be no further security updates to Lollipop. All new security updates will be for Marshmallow. I voiced my concerns about security of the phone and she understood.

I told her that Verizon needs to communitcate to it's PRIV owners on the status of Marshmallow. We can't get a straight answer on if it's being tested or when it will be released. I also suggested that Verizon techs should post something in the VZW Forums on the status of the Marshmallow testing. The fact that Verizon hasn't updated it's customers on the status of the issue is poor customer service.

She mentioned that there have a been a rise in FCC complaints from PRIV owners. Some customers she's spoken to were not as "constructive" as I was (they were [Removed]). I understand the need for testing but communitcation to your customers is important.

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