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Re: Angry BlackBerry User


See my Verizon and BlackBerry thread.  I got the same runaround from sales staffs at two stores and I wanted a Z10, upgrading from a Q10.  I was finally relegated to, "Go home and buy it on our website."  I quickly came to the conclusion that BlackBerry customers are looked on as second class citizens in Verizon stores.

I did order the Z10 from their website and it came and I set it up and activated it over the phone.  But as far as Verizon's stores sales staff, they're just not interested in helping, in any way shape or form, anyone who wants a BlackBerry.

Here's where I have a problem with this.  VERIZON OFFERS BLACKBERRY DEVICES!  If they offer them, then expect people to walk into the showroom and ask for them.  As I said in the other thread...I could care less what phone you like or dislike...your personal preference is irrelevant to me.  If the carrier you work for offers a particular device and I come in and ask for it...HELP ME GET IT! 

Every Verizon salesman needs to undergo a new training program called, "How to avoid cell phone prejudice."