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Angry BlackBerry User

Social Media is the wrong place to post this, but nobody at the REAL Verizon Co. will listen to my complaints.  I have been attempting to upgrade my BlackBerry Bold for approx 2 years, since the release of the BB Q10.  From the start, it was clear the local VZW stores did not want to promote BB products and spent most of their sales pitch trying to get me into an LG, Samsung or IPhone.  My main requirement was the physical QWERTY keyboard and functionality as a phone, email and communication device.  I had little need for games, fancy apps, ringtones and other glitchy sales tactics.  Locally, they either had a non functinal display phone or it was "broken & would be replaced soon".  3 months later, the same broken phone still held its spot on the shelf.  After numerous support calls, I found one person that assured me a working BB Q10 would be shipped to my local store for me to demo.  This never happened.  No surprise there.  At another VZW store, I was told "Blackberry is going bankrupt and Verizon was no longer carrying Blackberry items".  With the release of the new BB Classic, I have followed and contacted VZW on numerous occasions as to when it was going to be release under their carrier. Phone is now available online and when confirmed with the local store, they would have them in store by March 5, but available for ordering and shipment online Feb 26th.  Again....LIES.  Item is "Back Ordered" and should be available for shipment March 3rd.

I have complained at every level, on every call, at several locations.  Apparently, there is no longer a customer satisfaction or a retention department.  It is strictly sales and lip service.

As a 360/Alltel/VZW for ~20 years, 5 lines, frequent upgrades on 3 of the other devices, keeping a customer happy is no longer a prime concern.

For the duration that this post stays up before it is blocked, I have said my piece.  On my way to AT&T to pick up my new BB Classic.

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