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Re: Verizon z10 Update 10.0.10.XXX needed for apps

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sourz wrote:

Just got the z10 from verizon. Awesome however some issues.

I cannot download a few of my important apps on verizon version as a minimum 10.0.10.xx update is required. verizon currently has

example being whatsapp is not available to verizon customers.

also i noticed my peers with At&t Z10 had better battery life on their phone, their cameras took better low light pictures, apps ran faster, and the HUB wasnt as glitchy with BBM. turns out those all of those issues were addressed in 10.0.10.xx update which at&t pushed out last week.

2 questions,

1. anyway to get the update directly, or side loaded?

2. When is Verizon going to push an update 10.0.10 85 or higher (as this is the min. requirement to download whatsapp).?

someone from verizon please post reply... Or you could have simply went to the phone makers website.  Sorry I don't work for Verizon. Hope I will do?