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Re: Bold 9650 with OS 6 and Random Reboots

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JRHami wrote:

I am also experiencing random reboots on my Blackberry Bold.  This has occurred before and after the installation of the new OS.  In my case it seems to be triggered when I activate the camera, but just today a reboot occurred when I hit the convenience key.  Any information would be much appreciated.  I can not see any relation to third party apps since this occurred before and after apps were loaded.


A soft reset may resolve the issues outlined on your post. To perform a soft reset on your phone please follow the instructions below:


Remove battery with phone ON. Replace battery after 10 seconds. Power phone ON. Allow phone to complete the applications registration.


Please keep in mind that Smartphones are like computers and from time to time they will stop responding due to multiple factors including the amount of applications running at the same time, the amount of media saved and the amount of memory available, and just like our computers need to be rebooted, our phones need to be rebooted from time to time.


Additionally, you can try a Hard Reset as a last option as this will bring your device to factory settings and will erase all data from it. Please make sure to back up all important information before you do a Hard Reset. You can find detailed instructions to do a Hard Reset at the link below:


You can find detailed instructions to back up and restore information using Blackberry Desktop Software at the link below:

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