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Re: Bold 9650 with OS 6 and Random Reboots


I am also having ramdom reboots on my brand new Bold 9650 with OS 6.  The reboots first started on my Tour and they told me the device had gone bad and I needed to upgrade.  I upgraded to the Bold 9650 but the first one had the 5.0 latest version on it.  That phone rebooted as well.  After doing a wipe and starting from scratch the phone still kept rebooting so I took it back to Verizon and they gave me a new Bold but this one had the OS 6 and this one is also doing the same thing.  At this point I really can't believe that all three phones were bad so I know it has to be some kind of glitch but my reboots happen whether i'm using the phone or not.  They happen a lot while I'm using the trackpad.  They had told me that my memory card might be the problem with my first Bold so I did not put it into my new Bold with the OS 6 and it didn't matter because the phone was rebooting anyway so I knew it was not my memory card.  I did not load any applications to the OS 6 Bold and STILL the phone reboots.  I really like the Bold and the company I work for has the Enterprise Server so I want to stay with a BlackBerry but at this point the reboots are just too annoying.  I am hoping that someone out there has found what may be causing the problem.  I hope to hear from someone soon.