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Re: Bold 9650 with OS 6 and Random Reboots


Hi, all,

I loaded the Opera 5 Beta 2 on my device.  After just one hour, my device rebooted twice on its own.  Obviously, it is the Opera Mini app causing the reboots, just as leeford54 thought.  I deleted the app from my device and suggest anyone running OS 6 to do the same if you have it installed.  The Opera 5 beta 2 does work well with OS 5.  I had it on my Bold for about 7 months and used it with no reboots ever.  It must be an OS 6 compatibility problem.  The Opera Mini 5.1 that is the latest version does not work with any of the devices with a trackpad.  It does however work well with the Curve 8330 and the Tour.  Those devices have the trackball.  Opera is aware of this problem and is working on correcting it on the next release, whenever that may be. 

If any of your run across an app that you think might be causing issues with OS 6, let me know here in this thread.  As for now, I am going to mark this thread as solution found.  I am giving leeford54 the credit for the solution since he pointed me in that direction.  Kudos points were awarded to others who responded to me also.  Thanks to all who responded.  Good luck.