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Re: Bold 9650 with OS 6 and Random Reboots


MotleyLou wrote:

OK...Upgrade complete. No reboot's yet. But what I did notice...some of my preloaded app/icons got doubled? Any tips how to delete either one or all so they don't come back again? I had a Curve last, and everytime I "removed" something, after an update or over time, the Icon would come back. This is my third day with my new Bold


Probably what happened on the "pushed" icons for apps is that when you reloaded your OS, you probably restored the Service Book.  Then, after your device was connected to the network, it got pushed a couple of those icons again, resulting in duplicate icons.  In my case, it was the icon for VCast Apps.  I went into Options>Device>Advanced System Settings>Service Book and found that I did have the VCast Apps listed twice.  I deleted one of those entries and one of the duplicate icons disappeared.  Now, you could delete all of those pushed icons in the Service Books, but they will reappear after a few hours.  The Service Book is continually updated during the day.  It connects with the network, looking for updates and it will put those pushed apps back.  The only solution is to hide those apps.  I just made a folder called pushed apps and moved all of thosed pushed apps into that folder.  I hope this helps.


By the way, no reboots since reloading my OS yesterday afternoon.  That is good.  I will load Opera Mini 5 Beta 2 and let it run for 24 hours and see if I get reboots.