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Re: Bold 9650 with OS 6 and Random Reboots


leeford54 wrote:

Doc you and I upgraded about the same time and both used DM. Only difference is I have no 3rd party applications and I have not had any reboots or issues. Hope I didn't just jinx myself lol. Suppose it could be the Opera beta?


leeford54 you have a good point and that is what I was looking for, whether or not it could be an app causing the problem.  At this point, it is hard to tell which one is the culprit.  It very well could be the Opera beta version.  I had no problems with OS 5 and running it, but it might be a conflict with the OS 6. 

I am going to spend the next hour wiping my device and reloading OS 6 back onto my Bold.  This time, I will not add any 3rd party apps for a couple of days to see how things go.  After that, I will add 1 app per day to see which one it might be causing the problem.  Just a process of elimination.  I will update y'all on my progress in this thread.  Thanks for all the replies.