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Re: Unable to get internet on my device


I do not show any service alerts related to Internet connections for the Blackberry device.  


In some instances, when you are having issues with email on your Blackberry, following the steps provided below may resolve the issue right away:


- Press the Menu button, and choose the Manage Connections icon, turn all connections off for 1 minute, turn all connections on. 


- Press Menu button, and choose Options icon, select Advanced Options, Select Host routing Table, press Menu button, select Register Now        


- Power the Blackberry off and remove the battery for 1 minute, then replace the battery and power the device on.


How to clean out your Cache


* Open your web browser.

* Select "Menu"

* Select "Options"

* Select "Cache Operations"

* Select "Clear History"

* Clear "Content Cache", "Pushed Content", and "Cookie Cache"

* Once this is completed, remove the back and the battery from the phone for about 20 seconds and put back together.

* Attempt to access Internet when the phone is back on.


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