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Re: How to Update Your Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


I did the Storm os upgrade recently from  to what ever the latest was on June 9, 2009.  When it was completed I found the phone had lost  the ability to wirelessly reconcile my gmail email messages, as well as no longer being able to send any email from those 2 accounts. The error message in the email configuration settings read this device is not configured for wireless reconcillation.  When I follow the directions to re-enable wireless reconcillation, the options that do that no longer exist on my phone.  Which is frustrating to say the least. 



I ended up downgrading to the version to get my functionality back.  Now, however, I'm having problems syncing my Lotus Notes calendar to the BB from the desktop manager.  I keep getting the error message which reads:  "error in syncing"  and when I click on "ok"  the application closes back to the Blacberry Desktop Manager.


I'd really like to have the latest OS, but not at the cost of losing important functionality.  Please advise.