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How to Update Your Verizon Wireless BlackBerry


Before updating, make sure your data has been backed up. To do this follow the KBs below:


Backup the device:


1.      Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager

2.      Click Backup and Restore

3.      Click Backup

4.      Save the backup file on your PC (By Default it saves in the My Documents folder (XP) / Documents folder (Vista)


  • KB10339: How to restore data from a backup file to the BlackBerry smartphone (                                                            



There are three ways to update your device software. 

Over the Air Software Load (OTASL)

Web Software Load (WebSL)

Application Loader


OTASL Overview

Wireless BlackBerry Device Software updates allow BlackBerry smartphone users to update the BlackBerry Device Software and BlackBerry Device Software applications wirelessly. BlackBerry smartphone users do not need to connect their BlackBerry smartphones to a computer to update the BlackBerry Device Software. BlackBerry smartphone users, wireless service providers, and BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrators are able to send requests for wireless BlackBerry Device Software updates.

If your doing an Over the Air Software Load (OTASL) - On your device, please goto Options à Advanced Options à Wireless Upgrade.  Once you select Wireless Upgrade, please follow the on screen instructions. 


For more information regarding OTASL please see the following KB Articles:



WebSL Overview


BlackBerry smartphone users have the option of updating the BlackBerry Device Software on their BlackBerry smartphones using web-based technology available on the BlackBerry Device Software updates web site. As part of the web-based BlackBerry Device Software update process, BlackBerry smartphone users are provided with a list of available BlackBerry Device Software updates that are approved by their wireless service providers


If you are doing a Web Software Load (WebSL) - On your Windows based PC, please goto (You must be running Windows Internet Explorer 6 or 7)

Upon reaching this site, please follow the onscreen directions. 


For more information please see the following KB Articles:




Desktop Manager using Application loader Overview

BlackBerry smartphone users have the option of updating the BlackBerry Device Software on their BlackBerry smartphones using Application Loader found in Desktop Manager. This will allow users to update their Blackberry Smartphone using a wired USB connection.


If you are updating your software using the Application Loader through the Desktop Manager -

1.      Connect your device to the PC.

2.      Open the Desktop Manager Software

3.      Click on the Application Loader Button

4.      On the right hand side of the screen under "Update Applications" click "Start"

5.      Click the Advanced Button to bring you to the "Device Application Screen"

6.      Choose the appropriate applications for your device.

7.      Click on the Options Button and choose "Backup the device automatically during the installation process, then click OK

8.      Click Next

9.      Click Finish and wait for the process to complete


For more information please see:



Información adicional


What if the upgrade fails:


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