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Opera Mini and Trackpad Solution Found


Hi, all,

If you have tried Opera browser on a Blackberry with a trackpad such as the Bold 9650, you find that the latest version of Opera Mini, 5.1, does not work well.  The trackpad is super sensitive, making the browser unusable.  However, after much searching, I have found a solution.  The Opera Mini version 5 Beta 2 works very well and is stable.  I installed it and the Opera browser works well; tabbed browsing, Opera link syncronization, and overall speed of the browser, all are great.  If you would like to have a link to download, simply send my a Private Message here in the forums and I will forward the download link, as we are prohibited from posting links for 3rd party applications.  If you do not know how to private message, click on my screen name and it will bring up a profile page and you will find a link for sending me a private message. 


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