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Re: Bold 9650 and OS Updated Info


Hi, all,

For those of you wondering about the 6.0 OS for the Bold, I thought I would update you on my experiences over the past few weeks.  I had originally upgraded my Bold 9650 to a leaked  It ran fairly well but after putting it through the paces, I found that the radio signal would drop calls or fluccuate.  I also had a problem with random reboots of my device.  This can be chalked up to being a leaked version and not official, I don't know.  All I do know is that my device was not operating to my satisfaction, so I downgraded.  I did upgrade this past week to the official Verizon release.  This is a very stable OS with the problems with PTT and signal issues fixed.  My battery life is great.  Usually, I would go from 100% down to about 20% in about 14 hours.  Now, I drop only to about 70% in the same amount of time.  I attribute this to a good radio file that locks in on a 3G signal and does not fluccuate.  Fluccuations in signal will cause excessive battery drain.  A leaked version of for the Bold 9650 was released over the internet a couple of weeks ago but I did not install it.  There were massive problems with that version, mainly with radio signal issues.  Most Bold users I know who tried the .280 went back to either the or to the 

In summary, the 6.0 is not quite ready for prime time.  I strongly believe the problems discussed above are some of the reasons Verizon has not released the 6.0 as of yet for the Bold.  They are working with RIM on getting the 6.0 ready, so all I can say is be patient.  We will get the 6.0 and it will be a good stable release.  I just wanted to dig this post up and update you on my experience with the 6.0 so you can be informed.  I hope this helps some of you in case you were wondering about the 6.0 OS.