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Re: Bold 9650 and OS


Hi, all,

I guess I became bored over this weekend, so I decided to try installing on my 9650 Bold.  This time, things went well and the install was a breeze.  The problem I had with compatability issues with certain apps was not there except for one program, Verizon's Visual Voice Mail.  All other programs installed no problems, but I could not get VVM to run.  It would not let me go past the initial acknowledge page for the end user's license agreement.  I may try loading YouMail's free Visual Voice Mail program and see if it will work.  Oh, well, at least I can save a few bucks on my Verizon bill each month. 

A lot of users had problems getting the 6.0 browser to work on the mobile network, but it would work on WiFi.  I found that instead of deleting the vendor.xml file as suggested when loading a leaked OS, leave the file in there and it works no problem on mobile network.  One thing I have noticed is reboot time.  Wow, it boots up in half the time of the previous operating systems.  The signal strength is good too.  No fluccuations noted.  I will comment on battery life later after I have let the phone run for a few days with my current settings. 

Anyways, I just wanted to pass along what I have found so far with the 6.0 OS.  Reminder, this is a leaked OS and by all means, if you do not feel comfortable running a leak, wait for the official release.  I do not know when that may be, but if you are interested in the leak and want to know more on how to get it, send me a private message here in the forums.  I'll be glad to help.  Thanks for reading this.