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workaholick wrote:

How does wifi work on BlackBerry. Can your cell phone be hacked if you have wifi and use it? I just want to know how safe wifi is. I never had wifi.


That is a good question and one that probably crosses everyone's mind in this day and age of identity theft.  If you are sufing, say, on your home wifi where you should have at least WEP enacted on your setup, you are safe.  However, some public hotspots have open Wifi which could leave you open to a hacker.  My advice is to either not use open WiFi spots or if you do, encrypt your device with content encryption enabled and encrypt any documents you may have on your device.  As more and more people are using smartphones, personal data such as credit card info is used on such devices in applications like Blackberry Wallet.  Although Wallet is encrypted, hackers make it their job to get around such encryption, so be careful.  I personally do not store any personal information on my device, other than my name.  You can look for smartphones like Blackberrys to become more of a target for hackers in the future.


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