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Re: Which phone is better?


Jbroberts2010 wrote:

I will be a college student in the fall and I am looking for the Verizon phone that will be the best for me....I have recently chosen not to switch to AT&T for the IPhone but I would like to find a Verizon phone that could be just as good, if not better. I am looking for the general items that a college student would look for, txt msng and internet capabilities, microsoft office package, and large app market.

Which phone is better for a college student:

1. HTC Ozone

2. Blackberry 8330

3. Blackberry 8350


Please be honest!




Congrats for starting college.  As far as your choices, you have them narrowed down to a few goods ones.  Let's eliminate and see what is left.

You want text and internet capabilities.  Those are basic services of all smartphones.  One thing you should think about is WiFi.  Just about every college or university has a WiFi for students.  Some may charge you to connect, others may include it in your tuition.  WiFi can be handy if you are inside of a class or building that has thick walls that block outside cell phone data signals thus keeping you from going on the internet.  Here is a classic example of where WiFi complements the Blackberry 8350.  The 8330 does not have WiFi, so it would be dependent on outside wireless coverage.  The HTC Ozone would have similar WiFi features as the 8350. 

As far as Microsoft Office, all Blackberry devices come with software to open and view Office documents.  You can buy a Premium version which will allow for more advanced editing of documents.  The program, DocsToGo, is available for most very smartphone including the three choices you made.  Obviously the HTC is a Windows Mobile based smartphone and it comes with Office Mobile which allows you to view and edit Office documents.  So as far as Office is concerned, either the HTC or Blackberry will accommodate viewing and editing documents. 

So, now it comes down to the bottom line (you'll learn about that term in Economics 101).  How much will a new smartphone set me back each month.  Keep in mind that all smartphones require a separate data plan that is on top of your cell phone plan.  The data plan is not an option.  All of the providers require it.  There is one provider that trys to hide that fact by including it in the price, but you pay for the data plan.  Typically, a single smartphone user can spend anywhere from $85 to $100 dollars a month total on service. 

Last, ask a few friends of what they think.  See what others are using around campus.  Visit Verizon's Smartphone Resource Center (link is above in menu) to see other features of various smartphones.  Last of all, go by a Verizon store and look at the various smartphones and get a feel for them.  Good luck on your choice and good luck in school.