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Verizon Wireless offers a Global Travel Program that allows customers to temporarily use a global device when you have a short term (21 days or less) travel to an International destination where CDMA coverage is not available. You will be able to use one device whether you are traveling domestically throughout the Verizon Wireless CDMA network or roaming abroad on GSM networks. To order or active a Global Travel Program device, you can call 800-711-8300 (in the U.S.) To qualify for the Global Travel program you must:

  • have an E911 capable device
  • plan to travel to GSM supported, non-CDMA destinations
  • travel for a duration of less than 21 days
  • return the device within 30 days of order
  • be a post-paid customer with at least 90 days of service
  • be on or upgrade to Nationwide or a variation of America’s Choice Calling Plan
  • be a Consumer, Corporate Liable, Employee Liable or Federal Government customer