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Re: Why, why, why is Verizon determined to drive me away by dropping all pretense of having any RUGGED basic phones?


Which is why I had to go to Verizon when I left ATT because ATT could

not turn off texting and could not stop customer service from texting me

at 2:30am when automatic payments went through. I have not dug into

their massive coverage gap problem though. They keep talking about how

they have been expanding coverage, but, I don't see major changes to

their map. I do know that some of the midwest coverage issues are due

to the local phone systems. Some number of years ago Verizon signed a

contract to build a cell tower in the town of Cabery, IL. just yards

from the land line phone switch. Nothing has happened. The land line

switch owned/maintained by Frontier is so old it does not support fiber

channel. No fiber, no tower. The maps for both ATT and Verizon claim

good coverage for this area. In reality there are quite a few dropped

call dead spots.

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