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Re: Dear Santa / LG / Verizon: How about a phone camera revolution?


That little flame likely made for an emotionally-gratifying post, but 21stNow strenuously side-stepped at least two different points in order to get his personal rush:

1. Pot / kettle.   I think we're seeing something here that psychologists call "projection."  I'm pretty sure nobody is suggesting that people who like to walk around with their faces buried in iPhones and full-blown web apps should have to "buy a stand-alone computer" and drag that along with them in addition to their phones.  But here we have someone suggesting that carrying two chunks of hardware around to cover functions that cellphone manufacturers are already making pretensions at providing, is somehow a viable proposition?  By what standard of logic?

2. People who want multiple data / computer / internet functions on their phones have ample hardware choices that provide them;  people who only want basic services with a decent camera, do not.  They have the choice (singular) of: the toy camera.  And the ones in the top-of-the-line 4G phones aren't a whole lot better.

3. What I'm suggesting here, and what 21stNow apparently couldn't be bothered to read, is a complete rethinking and retooling of the whole concept of cellphone cameras - at all levels, from basic flip phones to 4G whizbang mega-data phones and everything between. 

Again, if you're going to put a camera in the phone, put a camera in the phone.

Now if 21stNow wants to have his "last word," that's just fine for him and I won't waste any more of my time on it.  My purpose in posting this here is to get the idea out there for Verizon to think about, not engage in juvenile flame wars (is there any other kind?) Geez.  Rational discussion - wherever such may be found - gladly welcomed.