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Apple Watch 4 Cellular/LTE connectivity


Hi, I know about the Verizon outage, but my problem started mid-September, and other customers might have a similar problem.

My Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular/LTE only connects when phone is off OR disabled with iPhone SE in airplane mode, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular are confirmed off.  Otherwise, calls fail, and cellular does not toggle on the icon stays white.  Also, if the phone is on and not disabled, the Watch's Wi-Fi stays on in watch settings, even though the icon changed from blue to white.

I went through the Verizon digital troubleshooting steps about four times per day, including unpairing the watch and resetting the watch, network, phone over and over.  Factory-resetting the phone and watch worked for a few hours, but I could not change the watch face. Another reset to fix the watch face brought back the Cellular/LTE problem.  My first chat was the day of the Verizon outage, so I will contact Customer Support again after the outage is over.  The problem began in September with my Watch OS 6 updates.  Watch, and Phone are running the latest versions.  Apple wants me to work with the carrier before using Apple Care.