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Trouble activating a Apple Watch 3 purchased from private user


I purchased an Apple Watch 3 from another VZ user who had it activated on their VZ account.

i went to VZ to activate. They issued a phone number, and SIM, but when we got to the setup cellular screen, we kept getting a cellular cannot be setup error. We were directed by VZ tech support to change settings in my phone to cell & data. Didn’t work. We factory reset several times. Didn’t work. We update the watch software to the latest version. It didn’t work. The VZ tech changed the SIM number. Didn’t work. I was told to go outside of the store to where my phone had full bars. Didn’t work.


The antenna inside the watch is fine. That was another concern.


Without taking it to Apple and having them ship it out for analysis, has anyone experienced this challenges when trying to reactivate a watch on a different VZ account?

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