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Re: iOS 8.3 has rendered my phone useless. Anyone else experiencing this?


Thanks for responding. I did indeed try a soft reset with the home button and power keys. I am always dropped from my home wifi but also drops off on other wifi. I have had full strength and the screen freezes or the phone doesn't ring and I'll get a voice msg from days ago. I just spoke to my husband who has the iPhone 5 and he's experiencing the same problems since installing iOS 8.3. We have tried calling each other and one phone will ring and the other won't while sitting next to each other with the same signal strength. needless to say, could've saved us from getting mad at each other for not responding to texts etc. Now I'm trying to explain to my friends back on the East coast that I'm not ignoring them, I just haven't received their calls for FaceTime nor their texts.  Seems the common denominator is the update IOS 8.3 that we are having with both our phones...any way to uninstall this update/reset phones to 8.2? Thx