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iOS 8.3 has rendered my phone useless. Anyone else experiencing this?


SInce I installed update IOS 8.3 my wifi connection keeps dropping off, also I'm unable to select iMessage  (sometimes if I shut off phone andrestart it...imessage will go to the "on" position ) my messages aren't being sent and I'm not receiving many. I'm missing calls and getting voice msgs tho the phone doesn't ring. I receive msgs and v msgs 3/4 days after they've been sent. My battery is being drained. Each screen takes 10 ( when I'm lucky) seconds or more tO switch. Inconsistently does not recognize my contacts. Inconsistently...unable to make calls. Please tell me what I'm suppose to do (tried resetting etc) with my new iPhone 6 plus with this update's pointless to have a phone if I can't use it or depend on it.  Is anyone else experiencing the same issues with this update? What is being done to fix these issues associated with this update and what is being done to reimburse me for the inconsistent ability to even use this expensive phone?

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