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Re: How did my voicemail disappear?


When I would call my voicemail it started the voicemail setup process. I was told by a VZW rep that it may have been reset by the lollipop update. When I went through the setup process though it was giving me options to change things and create a new password, instead of just setting things up for the first time. After I set it up I had "4 new" voicemails 2 of which were old and 2 that I had never heard before. I didn't think I had ever set up the visual voicemail that my phone was pushing on me, but apparently I started to at some point so one voicemail (which I never heard until now) was regarding the start of my free trial and the second was about the end of my free trial. So I'm assuming that when the visual voicemail sort of started (or whatever it did) my voicemail stopped working and never turned on again. It never notified me about any of this and I didn't find out that my voicemail wasn't working until last night even though the last message was I think from March Smiley Sad