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Re: Note 4 Lollipop phone connecting to WiFi and 4G at same time


Ok I just spoke with tech support as well. I received the same answer as fawcets mentioned. She had me clear the cache, checked a couple of settings and than said this is the way the device functions. She went away from the phone and grabbed two other phones, one with KitKat and one with Lollipop and she said that the 4G and WIFI icons were both active on both versions of android. I told her before I "upgraded" when connected to a WIFI signal my 4G was greyed out. She assures me that she is connected to a strong WIFI and both icons are active on both devices. She says the only true way to make sure you are not using data is to turn off mobile data. I do not care for the answer but there was not anymore she could or would do. Verizon's point of view, at least from this tech support call, there is no problem the device is working as it was before. Not sure where to go from here, I think there is an issue.