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Re: Nexus 6 Verizon Compatibility


I agree that hindsight is 20/20 but then scenario doesn't seem likely that Google and Motorola would unveil the next Moto X, The Droid Turbo, and the Nexus 6 all within a short window and say "our largest plant got shut down? no problem, we can run three devices productions on something 1/4 the size of our previously overworked plant."

If that is the scenario that went down, someone needs to look at re-adjusting management with their production sector. To make three new phones on the market and then make them scarce to hype their sale is one thing (baking the sales), but to the point of frustration will overall lower the amount of demand or consumers will simply buy another product and remove themselves from the market. I would agree this is more a logistical stumble rather than economic strategy.