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Re: Nexus 6 Verizon Compatibility


But what is the purpose of the first three carriers? Why do they have the hold before VZW? Google and Verizon are almost inseparable considering the number of sales that come out of Verizon are Google owned phones, many of them being Motorola. It has to be more than inventory because it is THE Google flagship. Motorola Mobility is a company owned by Google (and under negotiation to be given to Lenovo). I find it VERY unlikely that the team that did numbers on the Nexus 6 sales projections were this far off on the number of what their production can actually produce.

Maybe they are pulling a One Plus One exclusive campaign, although elitist, effective in profit/production turnover. And certainly inventory might be an issue because Google has not seen this much hype over one of their products in the past few generations of phones, But Google is a tech giant. I find it hard to think of a tech giant fail solely on production.