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Re: Pantech Breakout Problems.


The problem does not seem to be a problem with the phone itself.. only it's lack of abilities and worth compared to the phone I was paying a monthly insurance on. The phone has approx 220MB of space, compared to approx 8GB on my previous phone. Many apps, especially the ones that download updates for school programs from online databases, do not function properly when switching to the SD card. Also, they still take up space on the phone, even though they have most of the data on the SD card. I have 15 apps that the phone came with that I will never use, and I am not allowed to delete. All of those are taking up the limited space in this phone. Because of that, I cannot download many things that I had on my previous phone. I will never want to play golf, see NFL scores, be interested in race cars, or read books on my phone. 

I have used up to 7GB of data in a month, or as little as 1GB, but normally I range in between. I do not have access to WiFi, do to a lack of availability where I live.

This still doesn't help the lack of a flashlight on my phone either. Reading other people's complaints/opinions with this phone, it is clear that this phone has a lack of space for my necessary functions.

Again I repeat: The Total Equipment Coverage states: "Replacement devices may be remanufactured equipment. If the same model is not available, a comparable model will be provided."

The Pantech Breakout is NOT a comparable model to the Droid Incredible. Therefore, a comparable model should be provided.