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Pantech Breakout Problems.


Hi, so I had a Droid Incredible 3G that I insured in order to keep my  plan (Which is very good and they don't offer it anymore). After the phone had a software issue and began crashing frequently, it was replaced with a Pantech Breakout 4G. This is NOT a suitable replacement, and I haven't found anyone who is able to help me yet. I have had the phone for a month and it has caused me many problems. It restarts itself, it doesn't get service in locations my 3G Incredible did, it has a ton of apps on it that I cannot delete, so with less than half of the apps (all except clock and battery widget are on the SD card) , and only 2 of my 3 email accounts on it (while the incredible had all 3 emails on it), this phone complains that I am out of space and stops receiving my emails. Also, the phone doesn't allow me to save more than 10 emails per person, while my last phone had over 9000 from one person saved. There are massive space shortages on this phone. Also, one of my biggest issues is the loss of my flashlight. The Incredible's flashlight was very powerful, and the Breakout doesn't have a light for flash, which makes decent pictures near impossible as well. The camera also blurs almost every moving picture, while I was able to take beautiful fireworks with the Incredible. I tried asking for a refurbished 3G Incredible for a replacement, but they said they couldn't do that, and I was stuck with the Breakout unless I wanted to upgrade it and lose my plan (which would add too much per month to my plan...) I've been paying a monthly insurance fee on the Incredible, and I feel like I am obligated to get an equal replacement. I don't need a 4G phone. I would be perfectly happy with another Incredible or something of equal abilities.

What should I do about this?

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