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Re: LG Lucid Battery Issues???


Oh Thank Goodness!!!!!!  NeilofNeils, I thought I was losing my mind!!!  Or becoming an extreme nitpicker!  I have been back to the Verizon store, over and over and over .... In fact just this past week I was there, and I told my sales rep., "Please don't think that I am picky!"   He even included the Branch Manager who checked the battery usage, which, of course, shows only recent usage. 

That same morning, as I woke up, I unplugged the phone from charging overnight.  I then checked new emails for anything urgent (this took under 30 seconds), looked to see if I had any urgent texts (this took maybe 10 seconds), and finally checked a couple of 'notifications' - mainly Facebook (between 1-2 minutes at the MOST).  After being up out of bed for around 15 minutes, I checked the phone battery and it was at 52% - what?!

I have asked every question I can think of, in thinking that I was the "problem".  I, too, am past the "14-Day mark"; however, I still have my (replaced) Blackberry which I will go back to using, and then I will sell this Lucid, and use that money plus save up a little bit to purchase an i-phone.

I have spoken with all of my friends who have an i-phone, and they all said from the start, they "hit the ground running" with it.  I am above-average on tech-issues, whether it be a cell phone, tv, etc.; but this Lucid was making me feel like I needed to sit with the Dunce Cap on in the corner! 

I agree with you that we should report this problems.  Should I do that as a phone review?  Or where would you suggest? 
Thank you for writing this message, as I now feel much better!!