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Re: LG Lucid Battery Issues???



Gingerbread is the version of Android Operating System that our phones currently use.  If I am correct, and feel free to let me know if I'm not, ours is version 2.3.6.  Eventually Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version, is supposed to be available to our phones, not sure when. 

About the power swap, if I'm taking this in right, our phones hit full charge and then swap from the power coming from the plug, and start using battery power.  If you hit your Menu button and go to settings, scroll down to About Phone, then Battery, Battery Use, you will see how long your phone has been on battery power alone, whether plugged in or unplugged.

This can be taken care of by timing your charges at night and plugging in at the right time, or charging the phone off.  Hopefully this can be fixed with an LG Hardware Update.  If you want to email me, feel free.  Hope this helps.  << Personal information removed to comply with >>

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